UMC collaboration with the Greenville Homeless Alliance: 2019 State of Homelessness Report

The Upstate Mediation Center is proud to collaborate with the Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) on an ongoing basis.  Most recently, UMC Board Member and Volunteer, Lawson Wetli, worked with GHA to draft an update to the 2015 Homelessness White Paper.  The updated report indicates that over 3,600 men, women, and children experienced homelessness in Greenville […]


The Peacemaker Bench commissioned with Local Artisan Blacksmith Ryan Calloway

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2017 Community Impact Report

The Upstate Mediation Center proudly reports its 18th year of continued growth and success in the Upstate!  In 2017, the UMC conducted a record 681 mediations across all of its programs, and served 1,423 clients and impacted over 850 children.  This is nearly a 10% increase in mediations in one year. UMC Program Numbers: Family Court […]

Upstate Mediation Center Celebrates National Conflict Resolution Day

The Upstate Mediation Center celebrated National Conflict Resolution Day on October 20th with a reception at Greenville’s Historic Kilgore-Lewis House to honor volunteer mediators and funders.  At this years’ event, UMC Volunteer Leah Parisi was awarded for conducting the most mediations in 2016.  Other volunteers honored at the reception include: Evan Cantrell, Bernie Ferrone, Sean Scoopmire, Don […]

Property owners and service organizations are fighting over conflict in the ‘homeless triangle.’ Mediation may be the answer.

Author: Melinda Young – Greenville Journal On one side of the “homeless triangle” conflict, you have West Earle Street homeowner Matt Johnson. A year ago, his daughter’s little pink bike disappeared. On a hunch, he went to the Salvation Army, across Rutherford Street from his house, and he found it. “There was a guy with […]

Community – Police Mediation Program Launched

Greenville, SC – The Upstate Mediation Center (UMC) and the Greenville Police Department and are launching a new Community – Police Mediation Program that is designed to provide an alternative forum for resolving certain types of citizen complaints. Through this program, specially-trained professional UMC mediators will guide citizens and police officers through a face-to-face facilitated discussion […]

Peer Mediation Skills Taught to Greer Middle IB School Students

On October 23rd, twenty-four Greer Middle IB School students attended a five-hour training session in basic peer mediation skills conducted by volunteer mediators from the Upstate Mediation Center (UMC). The training took place at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. The students are members of the school’s IB Ambassador Council, which consists of carefully selected 6th-8th […]