Police Mediation

What Police Mediation is

The goal of the Greenville Community-Police Mediation Program is to build understanding and improve relationships between the City of Greenville Police Officers and citizens of the community. It is an alternative to the traditional complaint investigation process by the GPD’s Internal Affairs Department. By improving the relationship between the community and police, mediation helps make neighborhoods safer and stronger.

Why Police Mediation is Offered

While conducting research on how law enforcement agencies in other cities resolve citizen complaints, the GPD command staff discovered that cities like Denver, Pasadena, and New York have had considerable success with mediation. After learning that the cities with mediation programs reported increased levels of satisfaction for both complainants and officers compared with traditional complaint-handling processes, Chief Ken Miller decided to approach UMC about developing a similar program for Greenville. UMC researched how police departments and mediation centers were operating mediation programs and crafted one specifically for Greenville.

For Citizens:

For Police Officers:

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Please request your court mandated (Family Court or Court of Common Pleas) mediation below.
Our team will be in contact regarding scheduling finalization and details. Mediation is not scheduled until confirmed by the Mediation Coordinator, Zoey Klein.

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