Alternative Dispute Resolution


The Upstate Mediation Center (UMC) is a community based non-profit organization providing high-quality, affordable mediation services to individuals, families, and businesses in conflict in the Upstate of South Carolina. Since its creation in 1999, the UMC has provided mediation services in hundreds of conflicts each year. Mediation may be mandated, requested by either party in a dispute, or referred by professionals or individuals in the community.

The UMC offers mediation services for:

  • Family Court cases
  • Circuit Court cases
  • Magistrate Court cases
  • Probate Court cases
  • Community Issues such as:
  • Consumer complaints
    – Property damage
    – Landlord/tenant issues
    – Animal nuisance
    – Disputes between employer/employee or co-worker/co-worker
    – Family business disputes
    – Neighbor conflicts
    – Financial disputes


Mediation is a private, confidential decision-making process in which an impartial facilitator, the mediator, assists disputing parties in structured negotiation. It is non-adversarial. All decisions are made by the parties themselves. If no decision is reached, the parties are free to go to court.


There are many benefits to mediation:

  • Allows the parties to be in control of the outcome
  • Saves time, money, and additional conflict
  • Informal, confidential process
  • No rights to proceed to court are waived if an agreement is not reached
  • Much faster process than litigation
  • High rate of satisfaction and future compliance

Every time a dispute is peacefully resolved, everyone benefits. Relationships are improved, and communities are strengthened.