Upstate Mediation Center Announces 2020 Peacemaker Awards

Greenville, SC – The Upstate Mediation Center (“UMC”) was pleased to present the 2020 Peacemaker Award to Meliah Bowers Jefferson on June 8th. Ms. Jefferson was nominated for her work in organizing the Lawyers Standing Against Racial Injustice Protest, a peaceful protest by lawyers in Greenville, last summer following the murder of George Floyd. 

Ms. Jefferson, a litigation attorney with Wyche, PA, was inspired to bring together members of the Greenville County Bar Association to stand together against racial injustice. She organized a peaceful protest for attorneys: plaintiff attorneys and defense attorneys; solicitors and defenders; adversaries and advocates. Bringing together all members of the Bar regardless of their demographics, Ms. Jefferson invited the attorneys to gather on a summer afternoon in front of the Peace Center in downtown Greenville in solidarity with those across the country protesting racial injustice. South Carolina Legal Services Deputy Director of Operations and General Council Rusty Infinger introduced Jefferson at the Celebration on Tuesday stating, “She encouraged us to show up and publicly stand against the long-standing atrocities being faced by African Americans and people of color. She encouraged all to come together to sing, chant, make signs and demonstrate our commitment against racial injustice. As lawyers, we are the stewards of bringing about justice. Because of Meliah’s efforts we had a platform to do this–to demonstrate to the community that racial injustice in any form and in any location is intolerable in a just society.” 

The UMC Board of Directors feel that Ms. Jefferson’s inspired leadership exemplifies the purpose the Peacemaker Award. 

 The Peacemaker Award is designed to recognize a member of the community who has made a significant difference in promoting tolerance, building good will and understanding, resolving conflict, and striving for peace. 

Ms. Jefferson’s name will be added to a plaque recognizing past Peacemakers at the Peacemaker Bench in Cleveland Park. The Peacemaker Bench was commissioned in 2019 by UMC and created by Greenville artisan blacksmith Ryan Calloway. 

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The Upstate Mediation Center is a non-profit organization that offers a voluntary alternative to the adversarial Court process by resolving disputes through use of mediation. The Upstate Mediation Center aims to promote the use of mediation and other non-adversarial means of resolving conflicts and to nurture peace by restoring and strengthening family, business and community relationships. For more information about the center and the Peacemaker Celebration, see

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