The Peacemaker Bench commissioned with Local Artisan Blacksmith Ryan Calloway

The Peacemaker Bench:

Artisan Blacksmith Ryan Calloway

The UMC commissioned artisan blacksmith Ryan Calloway to create an artistic bench that will be donated to the City of Greenville and placed on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Each year’s Peacemaker Award recipient’s name will be placed on a plaque beside the bench.

Take a sneak peek at Ryan’s creative process below.


About Ryan Calloway

Upstate Mediation is proud to collaborate with local artist Ryan Calloway.

Ryan Calloway works in an imaginative, creative style that brings new life to an ancient art form. He is continuously experimenting with both traditional and modern techniques, creating furniture, sculpture, kitchen ware, home and garden décor, and ornamental iron. Calloway has worked with metal for more than ten years. From industrial welding, fabricating and installing structural iron work to forge welding and hammer and anvil work.