Privacy Policy


Upstate Mediation Center Privacy Policy

The Upstate Mediation Center (“UMC”) is committed to maintaining the privacy of all individuals and companies that choose to resolve disputes at the UMC. The UMC Privacy Policy takes effect as soon as a case is opened by one of the disputing parties. As part of the process of mediation, we will ask you to provide your names, email addresses, telephone numbers, relevant financial information, and to identify members of your family. You may also provide the mediator with copies of documents relevant to the issues involved in the dispute. 

All of this information will remain confidential. The UMC is committed to maintaining confidentiality throughout the mediation process and afterwards. It will not publish or release the outcome of any mediation conducted at the UMC or any specific case details of any mediation. The UMC will not publish, identify or make known the names of anyone that participates in mediation at the UMC. 

The UMC will only disclose information if required to do so in a legal proceeding by appropriate government agency and/or a Court. Any communication made in the course of and relating to the subject matter of the mediation and made in the presence of a mediator by any participant, mediator or other person shall be confidential and shall not be subject to disclosure in any judicial or administrative hearing. 

We do our very best to protect the privacy of anyone who participates in the mediation process. Its employees and mediators are educated regarding the requirements of working with confidential and personally identifiable information as well as the consequences of misuse.