Greer State Bank Support UMC’s Peer Mediation Program

Greer State Bank is the first area business to sponsor Upstate Mediation Center’s Peer Mediation Program in a Greenville County School. During the 2015-2016 academic year, the UMC will be partnering with Greer Middle IB School to train and maintain this new program. The fundraising goal for this program is $2500. Peer mediation teaches students an alternative set of skills they can apply in conflict situations. In mediation, third-party student mediators help other students to come to a win-win resolution without taking sides. Student mediators are taught a process of communication and problem-solving that they apply to help their peers reach settlements of their disagreements without confrontation or violence. Students also learn that conflict can be constructive and positive.

The entire process will be carried out by students for students, and the UMC will provide the training for the peer mediators with supplemental support as needed. Allison Rosemond, a UMC volunteer and Greer Middle IB School counselor, will serve as the program’s faculty advisor and coordinator. The student mediators will mediate in pairs under Mrs. Rosemond’s supervision. The goal of this program is violence prevention at Greer Middle IB School with outcomes of an overall reduction in discipline problems/suspensions, increased agreements, improved academic success, improved attitude toward conflict, and increased self-reliance in dealing with differences. Moreover, the program will teach valuable life skills that will help students become better citizens in the community. The UMC together with Greer Middle IB School thank Greer State Bank for its support and encouragement!