Property owners and service organizations are fighting over conflict in the ‘homeless triangle.’ Mediation may be the answer.

Author: Melinda Young – Greenville Journal On one side of the “homeless triangle” conflict, you have West Earle Street homeowner Matt Johnson. A year ago, his daughter’s little pink bike disappeared. On a hunch, he went to the Salvation Army, across Rutherford Street from his house, and he found it. “There was a guy with […]

Pro Se Litigants in Family Court Mediations Appearing For or Representing Oneself

An increasing number of couples in South Carolina are filing “pro se” divorces each year. A pro se divorce is when a husband and wife for financial, privacy or other reasons have agreed to resolve the issues related to the dissolution of their marriage, such as custody, visitation, support, property division, etc., without hiring attorneys. […]