Our Mediators

Our team of volunteer mediators is an integral part of the UMC’s mission. The professionals who mediate for the UMC have received extensive training. All UMC mediators have completed 40-hour classroom training and have been mentored by experienced mediators. The majority of our mediators have advanced training or significant work experience in specialized areas such as family, real estate, business disputes and contract claims and many are certified by the South Carolina Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification. All of our mediators are encouraged to take continuing education classes which are provided by the UMC and other organizations.

The mediators at the UMC come from a variety of backgrounds including business, government, education, health care, and many are lawyers. What they all have in common is a strong desire to assist others to effectively manage and resolve conflict. They are great listeners and communicators who are skilled at guiding people through the conflict resolution process with neutrality, confidentiality, sensitivity and fairness UMC mediators do not make decisions or provide legal advice or advocate for either party.

To insure the “affordable” aspect of our mission, all UMC mediators (both lay and attorney) are volunteers who donate their time and expertise as a community service and receive no compensation.